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subgingival 4

CEREC’s Omnicam Going Deep!

Even a difficult case can’t stop CEREC’s Omnicam!   Watch how a very deep margin was easily conquered with the Omnicam.   Digital dentistry makes things a whole lot easier!  

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Klim’s Ceram Wash Paste Accents Technique for e.max

An alternative to IPS Crystall Glaze for e.max surface glazing is IPS Ceram Paste. It is now my go to glaze method for e.max. In addition, I will mix colored accents, either stain or colored wash pastes with the Ceram Paste to create my own colored “luster paste” effects.

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I Want It All And I Want It Delivered: Digi-Guide Case with Lab Processed Temp

Here is a case that did not go as planned but we will still end up with a decent result.  There patient had an existing implant on 10, fractured bridge from 7 to 9.  She came in from out of town so we needed something fast.  We made her a temp to use overnight.  Although

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Emax abutment Emax crown

CEREC Materials Encompass All of Dentistry

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There is no “secret block” when it comes to CEREC.   Any material can be used with Cerec chair-side or with Cerec In-Lab.   This is a review of the possible materials using the chair-side system.

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I’m Bringing Powder Back: Completed CEREC Guide Case

Here is another fractured pre molar and immediate temp. No ferrule, broken down #13. Could only fit a small reference body. While the CEREC Guide was being milled we removed the tooth and any tissue that was left in this image.   Unfortunately the keys are on back order, but they should be ready soon.

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Loose Lips Sink Ships: Smile Design, CEREC Guide, Legacy 4 Anterior

Here is a cool case. Was hoping for immediate temporization but ended up using a flipper due to lack of stability. Patient fractured #9, some weirdness with insurance so we ended up ordering a flipper (in retrospect, good move) and planned on EXT and Graft, but ended up going for the immediate. Placed old crown

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CEREC – Galileos Integration

We had a phenomenal CEREC- Galileos training with Dr. August de Oliveira at the Texas Digital Enamel campus. He reviewed implant planning techniques within Galileos, CEREC design/milling, and the vast array of digital surgical guides for dental implants.    

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