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CEREC’s Omnicam Going Deep!

Even a difficult case can’t stop CEREC’s Omnicam!   Watch how a very deep margin was easily conquered with the Omnicam.   Digital dentistry makes things a whole lot easier!    

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Mastering the Maxillary Midline in the CEREC Software

This intro video about Mastering the Maxillary Midline in the CEREC software reviews my simplistic principles behind setting up and designing the maxillary midline in the CEREC software design flow. There are several features in the software that will really assist the design process in nailing the maxillary midline. The full Mastering the Maxillary Midline

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Temporary Cement is So Last Season: Bio Copy Telio CAD Immediate Implant

Here is another case, that looks exactly like my last Telio case.  #5, virgin tooth, split right down the middle.  Needs a little cold steel and sunshine. Removed and replaced with a 3.7 by 13mm Legacy 4.  Again, I bought a bunch of these but as I am doing custom on most cases I would

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Digital Enamel Texas Campus Kickoff

DigitalEnamel’s Austin, TX Training Center is open!!! Dr. Todd Ehrlich built a beautiful CEREC training campus. Check out the excitement from this inventive blend of CEREC, dentistry, and community!

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Variolink Esthetic Try in Paste and Resin Cement

Variolink Esthetic is a great luting resin cement for both anterior and posterior ceramic restorations. It comes with 5 shades and a great try-in paste system and can be used for dual or light cured applications. More CEREC training videos by Dr. James Klim can be viewed at

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The Galileos Diagnostic Asset Value

The Galileos 3D imaging has provided a significant elevated diagnostic system for my practice. Though it is practical for exceptional implant planning and implant guides, I also find it imperative for comprehensive diagnostic assets. This videos will present the diagnostic importance for post endodontic assessment. online CEREC training is hosted by James Klim DDS

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A Couple Shades Of Gray: Help with a tough Emax shade on a Legacy Implant

Here is a case that I thought I could restore on my own, but ended up needed the help of my trusty lab guy Jack!  Patient fell off his bike and fractured #8.  Did a free hand placement of a Legacy 2 followed by some grafting and a membrane.  No pics as it was a

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