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CEREC’s Omnicam Going Deep!

Even a difficult case can’t stop CEREC’s Omnicam!   Watch how a very deep margin was easily conquered with the Omnicam.   Digital dentistry makes things a whole lot easier!  

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Monobond Etch & Prime – One Step Ceramic Conditioning

Monobond Etch & Prime / Ivoclar Vivadent (August release in USA) will allow you to etch and silanate glass-ceramic surfaces in one easy step. At the same time, the solution cleans away any remaining saliva from the surface. Advantages: Etching with hydrofluoric acid is unnecessary as all glass-ceramics are etched Short process requiring only one

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Finishing the e.max Implant Abutment

This video will introduce the Meisinger Luster Twist Polishers, ideal for polishing the subgingival surfaces of the CEREC e.max abutment. These Meisinger Twist Polishers will be a new addition to the Meisinger James Klim DDS JK03 Lab Kit that has now been out for several years. Thank you Meisinger for being a great partner for

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Conservative CAD/CAM Restorations

Dr. Klim and Dr. Ehrlich discuss conserving tooth structure and delivering strong restorations as important benefits of CEREC technology. View video

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Anterior Ceramics…”The art of distraction”

A single anterior crown such as a lateral or central takes the greatest effort in our journey of matching ceramic restorations. When I am faced with this type of treatment care, my primary emphases is on decreasing visual tension. My blending objective is accomplished by using the principle of distraction as applied through shaping and

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CEREC Maintenance Protocol Videos

Taking care of your CEREC system is important to keep everything running smooth! These videos show what your system needs to perform at the highest level! Link to view videos Provided my Enamel, a James Klim Production

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The Niz Wants What He Wants: Legacy 4 HA Immediate Case with CEREC Guide

I had the absolute honor (and well, terror), to do an implant on #8 on my long term mentor, friend and absolute idol, Dr Gerald Niznick.  If you are into implants and have not been sleeping under a rock for the past 30 years, you may know about him.  He holds hundreds of patents in

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