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subgingival 4

CEREC’s Omnicam Going Deep!

Even a difficult case can’t stop CEREC’s Omnicam!   Watch how a very deep margin was easily conquered with the Omnicam.   Digital dentistry makes things a whole lot easier!    

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James Klim Finishing Kit by Meisinger

Having the right tools for efficiency is important. This kit has been designed to simplify the finishing process. The video below goes through how to use this kit. “The combo of laboratory quality shaping diamonds and diamond polishers designed for efficient and safe CAD/ CAM ceramic finishing”. James Klim, DDS Order from Patterson Dental using the

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dental CADCAM Open Source Closed Source

“Film That!”— Marketing with CEREC One-Visit Dentistry

There are things that happen with chairside CAD/CAM that are huge opportunities for marketing.   Build the value of the restoration for the patient!

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Advanced Galileos CEREC Integration

June 6, 2015 – June 6, 2015 8825 Bee Caves Road Map and Directions | Description: In this Advanced Galileos course, Dr August de Oliveira will cover everything from Guided Surgery treatment planning to the final implant restorations!  Doctors will learn the ins and out of the three Sirona surgical guides including CEREC Guide.  Doctors

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CEREC Veneers: One Day Crash Course

June 5, 2015 – June 5, 2015 8825 Bee Caves Road Map and Directions | Details Description:                           Our one-day crash course for anterior CEREC restorations is a blast and fast paced!   We will  review what you need to know to get you through

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It Just Got Real Up In Here: Immediate Molar with 7mm Legacy 4

Don’t you just love the “Recement Crown” appointment?  It can truly be anything.  In this case the patient fractured a good deal of the clinical crown on #18 plus there is a lesion in the mesial root, so we decided that a little titanium supplement would be best in this case.  I never really know

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Crouching Metal, Hidden Cavity

One of the big benefits of using a ceramic like emax CAD is that it is radiolucent.   That means we can catch issues on x-rays long before the become a problem!   Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns many times block out caries, and it can become worse over time.   Crouching metal.. and the Hidden Cavity. Even on routine bite-wing

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